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Powerful memory module for versatile use

Faster, Reliable, Affordable DRAM Solutions


1600mHZ DDR3 and 2400mHZ DDR4 Options

4GB, 8GB Options

Smallest latency

Super fast performance

204 Pin 1.35V DDR3 and 260 Pin 1.2V DDR4

Best for Laptops and Compatible Desktops

3 Year Warranty


1600mHZ DDR3 and 2400mHZ DDR4 Options

4GB DDR3 and 8GB DDR4 Option

Smallest latency

Super fast performance

288 Pin 1.2V DDR4

Best for latest generation Desktops

3 Year Warranty

Super fast and reliable

Xeera DRAM built with latest RAM technologies, which provide faster performance and highest reliability for notebooks. With faster RAM, do multitasking with ease and increase your productivity.

Energy saving

By adding Xeera DDR4 low voltage memory modules, it increases energy efficiency more than 30%. This in turn increase the battery life of your notebook.

Increase value of your computer

By increasing memory size, your computer can perform task faster by accessing random data from memory modules instead of querying each time to the hard drive. Make all computing task like web browsing, complex calculations or even booting up faster than others.

Do it yourself

Installing or upgrading the RAM module is easy. Just follow your computer user manual and upgrade old generation to the new generation in just a few minutes.